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newt_marietta's Journal

Marietta Edgecombe
26 February 1979
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My name is Marietta, Marietta Edgecombe. If you're not in Ravenclaw you probably don't know me, unless it's as one of Cho Chang's friends. I'm a 6th year.
Why are you still reading? Do you have more questions?
Oh, alright.
1) No, I don't charm my hair curly. Who on earth would want curly hair?
2) Yes, I love books and I'm a Ravenclaw. Surprising, that.
3) No, I am not Cho's shadow. Do you see me out on the Quidditch pitch?
4) Yes, it is necessary to go to the toilet in pairs.
5) No, I don't tutor. Just no.

{ wear }

More on Marietta here
No, I'm not Marietta, JKR, or anyone remotely associated with Bloomsbury books etc.
Yes, this is just for fun, and yes, there are other people playing with me, at ootp_newts.
No, I don't look remotely like Bryce Dallas Howard.
Yes, I do have a RL livejournal, herringprincess.
No, I don't have a life, clearly :-P